Sunday, June 26, 2016

Until We Meet Again, Hudson Valley!

In the morning we set sail for NYC. High tide is at 7 and the wind forecast is for 10-15 knots of wind from the SSW. We should be able to ride the current right down to a comfortable anchorage north of the city, before completing the journey on Tuesday morning. Our hope is to arrive at Marina Max, Chelsea Piers, at around 1 o'clock for yet another bon voyage party. We are excited to see our city friends, Brooklyn roommates, and my esteemed colleagues from the New York Harbor School!

Upstate we have had two gatherings of our amazing community to celebrate our departure.  I have so much history with so many people here and it has been so fulfilling to show them around the boat. Last night they came out to support us at Hideaway Marina- people I have sailed with for over 15 years, the talented craftsmen who have helped us answer so many questions, my brother who taught me to sail, and many shipmates with whom I have gone on smaller adventures. Max and I have been prepared for our journey by this wonderful place and these wonderful people. Thanks to Iliana and Vince, especially, for helping us party. Enjoy the pics...